Monday, October 27, 2008

Medicine Today

I have to say my Dad (a doctor) had seen this coming and he told me not to go into Medicine.

My wife has an ingrown toe nail or such that is making it very hard for her to get around, any pressure on it causes extreme pain. She went to see the doctor and they look at it and say “nope, can’t help you need a podiatrist. . .” That is not so bad except the podiatrist won’t see her for over a week. . .

This is why the ERs are full folks (no we did not go to the ER). You go to your doctor and they send you to someone else, then they put you off more and more until you give up and go sit in an ER because you can’t deal with it any more. This could be fixed in the office, but they won’t see her. You would think they will do more to filter who is in pain and get them in at least for a quick look to make sure that if they can’t fix it right away at least it can wait until they can. . .

And this is the good system. Should the FED get involved in this the wait will go up, and quality will go down. . . .

Something to think about if you think things are slow now. . . ..

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TOTWTYTR said...

I'm having T shirts made (really) that say,

National Healthcare,
the efficiency of FEMA,
the compassion of the IRS.

It started as a joke, but it's all to likely.