Friday, October 17, 2008

Hey Obama what happen to Free Speech?

I don’t know about you folks but I find the attacks on Joe the Plumber very scary. All this guy did was ask Lord Obama a question – isn’t that our right in this county, to question our government? The left use to say it was. . .

And now the news media has unleashed an attack on this guy to discredit him like I have never seen turned on an average American. We now know more about Joe’s background than we do Obamas. . . .

For all you folks that claim Bush silenced any opposition speech, please take a moment and look at what they are doing to Joe.

I personally don’t care about Joe's background. He asked a fare question on taxes to a presidential candidate and he should have got a straight answer. Instead Obama changes the subject and the media goes after Joe like he was an enemy of the state (well, to them I guess he is. . .)

What do you think will happen if Obama gets in? Who will be allowed to question him then? What will that do to discussion in this country if anyone who questions Obama is called a racist and investigated by the government. This guy will make the McCarthy years look mild. Why was this kind of activity wrong if Bush or McCarthy did it but OK if Obama does it? Folks, this type of activity is wrong no matter who does it and we should all be taking note of who supports it and voting them out of office.

We are well on our way down the path to destruction of our country. We have removed may of the safeguards our founding fathers put into the government. We need to go back, we need to retake our country from these folks and say FU to them for a change. We need to vote new people into office that will respect us and our rights to talk, earn a living, and keep what we have worked for so we can raise our families. It is not too late to turn things around, we just need the guts to do it.

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