Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mass Moment

It looks like our Secretary of State in MA is messing with the votes from out Troops. . . He is trying to throw the vote to Obama since they fear the troops won’t vote for Obama. . .

He has been dragged into court by the Feds over this. . .

The hot topic on my 9am-noon talk show here in Boston today was word that our Secretary of State, Bill Galvin, has been ignoring federal law designed to protect the voting rights of uniformed military personnel deployed to Iraq and elsewhere.

As I pointed out in a previous blog, Secretary Galvin acknowledged in the consent decree with the feds that he hasn't been tracking ballots to our soldiers and marines as required. How many Massachusetts military members asked for ballots and didn't get them? How many sent ballots that arrived too late, or were disqualified on a technicality?

We don't know because, unlike in most other states, the election official responsible for finding out--Bill Galvin--disregarded federal law. Not to mention our troops.

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