Friday, October 10, 2008

ACORN Voter Fraud

ACORN has register 1.5 Million voters. They are also under investigation for voter fraud. The thousands of registrations that have been investigated have been found to be fraud. We have potentially 1.5 million fraudulent voters registered. This is being investigated at the Federal level as we find the Dallas Cowboys seem to have registered the whole starting line to vote in a few different cities. . . .

The 2000 election was won by a few hundred votes in Florida
The 2004 election was won by about 50,000 votes in Ohio

If ACORN has 1,500,000 votes that it can play with who do you think will win? (Hint, Obama loves ACORN)

As this stays in the news I think we are rapidly getting to the points that no one will trust the results of this election. As I said before, we are looking at an election that both sides will contest was stolen and no one will be able to prove them right or wrong. The effect this will have on the country will be devastating. You think we are divided now you ain’t seen nothing yet. . .

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