Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scituate Rod and Gun shut down

This is all I need. . . So much for going shooting this weekend.

I would like to thank the IDIOT that can not shoot for somehow shooting out of line with the HUGE backstops and hitting a house a quarter mile away with his 9mm. The range is now shut down for who knows how long while they look into it.

This is ridicules. I have shot here for years and this is a good range with very high backstops and baffles on the range at the firing line so you can’t shoot over the backstop. You would have to really work at it to miss the backstop, or be so untrained with your gun that you fired it during the recoil.

WTF folks? You took a training class to join the range. You are supposed to be an adult and know what you are doing. . . And because you didn’t, now we all have to pay the price.

Add to this that it happens right after the instructor (and I use the term loosely) had some issue with an Uzi at the Machine Gun Shoot in western MA and a kid was killed. They will be all over this and the Scituate range will be closed for who knows how long.

Everyone I have met at the Scituate range has been professional, responsible, and always safety minded. I don’t get how this could happen. Once again we are seeing how personal responsibility is lacking and we all pay for it. The news story can be found HERE.

If you don’t know how to use a gun, or your new gun, be an adult and get some training, don’t just go down to the local club and start shooting. Someone could get hurt or killed. Luckily we are only shut down and no one was hurt. IF this fool had actually shot someone you can bet they would be trying to shut down ranges all over the state. THINK before you do things will ya folks?

Of course if most folks would think we would not be dealing with Barak Obama now would we. . . . Lets not give them a reason to shut down our ranges, they will be trying hard enough to do that without our help. . . .


Anonymous said...

Yeah, keep telling us about "responsible" gun owners and "safety" practices. The fact is, guns kill because they get in the hands of irresponsible or stupid or criminal-minded people. As long as they are readily available in this country we'll continue to have world-record deaths and injuries from shootings.

JD said...

Ya, I will keep telling you about them since you can't even take the responsibility to post under your name I doubt you know a thing about guns. Well except what you have been spoon fed by TV.

Gun owner have been proven time an again to be the most law abiding folks around, and every one I have met has been an overall good person too.

Go back and hid in mom's basement, when you get the guts to sign you name then I will actually listen to you. . . .

JD said...

And remember, cars kill for all the same reasons guns do so should we outlaw them too?

and no, we don't have world record deaths or injuries here from guns, sorry. . .

Do try to do some fact checking will ya? You sound like a fool.

John said...

I hate this. Whenever some idiot does this people start spreading the trope that guns are dangerous. They are not, people who don't know how to use them or know to respect them are.

Good counterexample with cars. Yesterday I saw someone driving the wrong way (i.e. clockwise) threw a rotary. But people aren't demanding it be shut down.