Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bail Out Fail and AIG

AIG (which was one of the first bail out hand outs our lovely government did to stop this economic crisis that we are in any way) has been uncovered spending $440K for a retreat AFTER we bailed them out. Of that, $26K was spent on spa treatments. . . .

We gave them 85 billion to save them so they went on vacation. I think it is nice that they managed to keep this out of the news until after the big bail out when we got ROYALLY SCREWED. We got taken folks, and we are still in the same mess we would have been in except they got $700+ billion in the hole too. . ..

And all them folks in congress knew we didn’t want them to pass it but they did anyway. . . Remember this in November and vote out every Congressman you can – if thy are incumbent, vote for the other guy. . . .

I hear it may have been 85 million for the first bailout. . . . of course they want more now. . . see comments