Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Political Depression

OK, I think it is official, I have a hell of a case of Political Depression. . . .

I just don’t get it. Why can’t we get anyone to run for President who actually represents the people? I mean it. . . . McCain and Obama? They are both left wing, fighting to socialize our government it is just a matter of how much. The only real difference I see in them is McCain is slightly better on the Bill of Rights, but not much. . .

Why can’t we get a good candidate to run? I want someone who is focused on what is important:
National Defense
National Security/Open Borders
Lower Taxes for all
Fix the economy
Shrink Government

Instead what do we have? Massive voter fraud. A general attack on the First and Second Amendment, both sides promising to do things that don’t fall under the powers of the President, and lots of mud and dreams. . . No real workable plans from either side to fix things.

What kills me is I could vote for a Democrat (I am independent) if they would leave the Second Amendment alone and back off on the Nanny State ideals a bit. I think they have a few good ideas but they want to force too much socialism on us too. And what it is with the Republicans and attacking things like Gay Rights and Abortion. . . Two things that the Federal Government has no business getting involved in – they should be dealt with on the state level if at all. Personally I think we need less government involvement in both issues. I would also like to see the Patriot Act go away along with the Homeboy Security Department since it is redundant to say the least with all the other federal and local police we have. . . .

This is nuts. I am at the point that I have very little faith in the system left. We will end up with Obama thanks to Voter Fraud on a massive scale. If McCain does win the left will claim it is due to race. Our country is splitting apart and these two are doing nothing to fix it. For the last four elections it has become standard procedure to try to split the country. The far left and right are now running things and this is not going to help us. You can’t trust the news any more with their open love of Obama and lack of research on his past while they try to destroy McCain.

I want to see a third part that is for the middle folks. I want to see a party that thinks like the Libertarians without the far out stuff like elimination of all the drug laws and such. I don’t think the war on drugs is working but folks aren’t ready to end it yet. We need a party that can speak to the people, and work for the people. One that believes in the Bill of Rights. One that believes the government has no right to say anything on abortion and gay rights. One that will work to shrink government on both the state and federal levels by elimination of our socialist programs – Yes, I want to trim the welfare rolls and make sure only those who really can’t work are getting help. If you can work, get a job or go hungry, sorry. . . deal. I want a government that will crack down on all the frivolous law suites. . . You fell off the top of the ladder, your fault, not the ladders sorry. . . . I also want them to crack down on Nanny State laws and push for personal responsibility. Stop blaming everyone else for crime, drugs, and everything else. You are responsible for your actions. If you don’t like where you are, fix it. Ask for help but don’t expect me to enable your continued drug use or just give you a slap on the writs for mugging old folks in the park. Also don’t expect banks to loan you money if you can’t pay them back. . . That is how we got into this mess. You don’t have a right to own a home, so get a job and earn it if you want one – I am not going to pay your mortgage for you with my taxes again.

We are in a mess, and on the edge of loosing our country. We need to wake up and take it back from the politicians. They have forgotten who they work for. We need term limits and better election laws to insure that it is not only the rich that can run for office. Maybe we should have state sponsored elections with NO private money used to insure that the wealthy don’t have an advantage over the rest of us in running for office. It would also limit how much influence you can buy with your politicians since they don’t need your money any more. It is time for a radical change and we won’t get it from either of the guys running this year. . . .


Sean Maley said...

The drug war, both sides of the isle dipping into the candy jar (Fannie and Freddie), "privatizing" prisons, blatant and massive money laundering by banks, insurance, and investment companies, etc.

I'm sure I've sent this before. You can also watch the "money masters" video or

The addendum for Zeitgeist might be more your speed than for me. They float the "Venus Project" for a solution which is technocopian (technology will save the day). They will discover the realities of thermodynamics and ecology soon enough.

Did you think politicians wrote the laws or something? They don't have the time for things like this. Their too busy writing speeches, chumming around, or enjoying their mysterious wealth (they rarely live the lifestyle that their public salaries allow).

Your gun rights will be gone regardless of who gets into office. For now, it's yet another issue to press hot buttons and get votes.

JD said...

You can try to disarm folks, but what they don't tell you is that the government has no idea what is really out there for guns, and who has what. They can go back a few years but guns last for decades if cared for. The Feds can't take what they can't find.

Add to that the fact the Dems lost Congress with the assault weapons ban, I don't think they want to repeat that one so I think most are scared to even talk gun control, it is a looser come election time and they know it. Outside of a few cities, DC, MA, NY, and CA it is getting easier to get a gun, easier to get concealed permits. Folks are clinging to those guns. . . Sales of the AR-15 are going through the roof, it is now and has been for a while the most popular gun in the US to buy. And gun sales are one of the few things not going down in this economy. . . .