Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why we can't let emotions make our laws!

As a pro gun and pro civil rights supporter I have posted numerous times on why gun control has failed.  I have posted facts and numbers to show this. . . .  Others have also posted on this and added more info on how up to two million times a year guns are used to save lives.  Guns allow people to defend their kids from home invaders.  Guns let that 100 lbs woman stop that 250 lb rapists from having his way.  Guns let minorities (black, brown, gay, whatever) protect themselves from the angry mob.  Guns protected people in the LA riots as madness swept the city.  Guns are a tool, it is the user that is good or bad and it is the user we need to address with the law, not the tool.

Now that I have seen the NRA conference where they suggested the same answer the Clinton's did in 2000 but now the same people who supported it then hate it now. . . Showing that they don’t want to talk or even look at any ideas that come from the pro rights side.  

I have an idea.  I watched as protesters who say they want a discussion on gun laws interrupt that very discussion to yell, scream and act like children blaming the NRA for the acts of a madman.  Since the gun control folks seem to run on emotion instead of facts I thought what would the call for less gun control would look like if we did that too?. . .

Now let me say right up front I think emotions are THE WORST way to make laws.  I do not in any way want us making any more bad laws (see Patriot Act, Gun Control, TSA and many more) laws based on emotion.  Laws need to be based on real facts to be valid.  Emotions do not belong in the legal process if you want a fair law.

So lets take a spin through the emotional side. . . ..

Senator Feinstein, you, the Brady Campaign, and the gun control crowd have the blood of the victims of the mass shooting on your hands.  It is a direct result of your “Gun Free Zones” which are more accurately called Victim Disarmament Zones that these people are dead.  All but one mass shooting where three or more folks were killed since 1950 has been in a gun free zone!

Your gun control crowd has forced us to put our children and loved ones in harm’s way by forcing them into areas that they cannot defend themselves.  You have then advertised this so that every madman in the world knows where these places are and who is there.  You have set up our children as bait for these madmen to come with bombs to blow them up, gas to burn down the buildings, and guns to kill them.

And when the inevitable happens you and the news media dance in joy over the news.  The media turns the madman into a hero overnight.  The madman who is usually a nobody who had done nothing of note in his/her life is a household name overnight.  You give him the fame he/she wanted in killing these people yet you forget the names of the victims.  You take his name and use it to create more laws and controls on law abiding folks to make it easier for the next madman to kill more of us.   Your friends in the news media rally around the story and let us all know where the killer rates on their scorecard of mass murder. . . he made number 4 isn’t that great!  You all pump the killer up encouraging the next one to try to do better and kill more.

It is starting to look like these mass murders are not by accident but part of your plan. . . .

No folks, the blood is not on the NRA’s hands.  The blood is on the hands of every one of you that has called for gun control and ignored the real problem. 

And that you want to double down on your error makes me sick.  You folks really need to look at the facts for a change and stop letting the emotions run your life.  You can’t say you want a reasonable discussion on gun control when you shout down everyone else’s ideas but your own even when the data shows your idea does not work.

Gun control has failed.  A gun is just the tool used this time.  They have used bombs, gas, airplanes to kill us but you don’t look a those items.  No you fixate on the gun. . . . We need to start a real conversation on how we deal with mental health issues in this country and how we deal with the mentally ill.  One more law will do nothing.  One more law passed because of emotion instead of data does even less.

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