Saturday, December 8, 2012

Range Review

OK, finally got to the range with the new scope and my Remington 700. . . in .308

After a quick laser bore sight in the back yard I took it down to the range.  I had just added on to it a new scope, a Barska Huntmaster Pro.  I set it up at 10X and sighted it in at 100 yards. . .

The smaller shots are .22 for the other rifle I was sighting it . . . .

Anyway you can see from the center that even to start she was close. . . it took 15 rounds to get it sighted in.  The last shot was a test on the upper right . . . .

From here I went to the 200 yrd range and it hit the 12" plinking plate no problem 5 for 5 with about a 1" drop.

Overall I have to say I like the scope.  It is a 30/30 IR Cross with a center that can be illuminated.  It is a 3-12x50mm.  The field of view is good and  the picture was nice, bright  and clear at 10X where I set it. . . . I did find some problems with the illumination after shooting but it is working now.  I don't know if it was the cold or recoil.  I checked it out again tonight and all settings work again so it may be the battery.

I should try to get a photo through the sight.  I liked how bright it was and easy to see through.

So far so good.  I like it . . . now to do a bit more long range shooting and see how it holds up.  I also want to see what I can get for a group size at 200 yrd.

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