Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gun Confiscation vs Fiscal Cliff smoke screen

Folks it is time for some common sense in DC.

Shut up and get to work on the fiscal cliff.

Gun Confiscation is a very dangerous idea which most likely would lead to a civil war in this country or at least massive civil unrest.  No one wants that.  Enough of the over reaction, enough talk of taking our rights away.  Although if you are looking to drive more and more folks to the pro gun side then keep it up.  Americans love the idea of Government taking their property. . . always sells well with voters right?

You are in DC because you work for US. Now stop acting like spoiled children and focus on the real issues.  guns save lives, guns are protected by our Constitution as a check against government, and mass shootings are so rare they make news. . . . And you all know you will be voted out in mass if you try it,  Look at 1994 and the result if you doubt it.

Now you need to fix the broken budget, our entitlement issues, and stop this run away country that is trying hard to make Grease look fiscally conservative.  This fiscal cliff will hurt us all, and probably send us into a rescission again or a depression this time.  You really want that?

Guns are nothing more than a smoke screen to hide your lack of action on the budget and our taxes. . .  more and more of us are seeing through that.  WAKE UP AND FIX THE DAMN BUDGET AND FISCAL CLIFF CRAP.  all else is BS and we all know it.


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