Sunday, December 23, 2012

We need new Role Models

While sitting in lodge the other night our speaker talked of George Washington and how much he had done.  He also brought up how we don’t have role models anymore and asked if this was the problem with our country today. . . .

That got me thinking on this a bit.  Look at who our kids have to look up to these days. . . rap stars, thugs, drunk Hollywood stars like Lindsay Lohan and company etc. . . .

What do kids have for a role model for our kids?  They watch TV like Survivor where folks stab each other in the back every week to win.  We have sports stars driven drunk and killing team members.  We have sports starts running dog fights. . . .

Lets not even start talking about the number of celebrities we see drunk, on drugs, and living the proverbial train wreck of a life.  2 month marriages, quick divorces for almost any reasons.  No one wants to work at anything anymore.

I am beginning to think he was right.  Our kids and our society don’t have any good roll models any more.  And we need one.   We should be looking back on our founders to see how they risked their lives to give us this country.  We should be looking at folks throughout our history who have put the country first and made thing happen to make the world a better place.

Why won’t the news folks cover these things?  Why won’t we teach history any more on what our founders and forefathers have gone through to create this great nation.

We are so busy downing the USA and our history and our founders.  We need to take a hard look at what that had gotten us.

Our kids are brats, self centered and we look to the government to do all for us.  We have folks that won’t lift a finger to do anything.  We have welfare and families on it for generations and proud of that. . . .

Now we have folks shooting up schools and politicians dancing in the carnage to push for more power and more government and less freedom as if that is the answer.  We have lost our way at all levels.

No, I think the answer is we need to take a very long look at what we are putting forward to our kids as role models, who we look at ourselves as role models.  We need to look at how we act around our kids too that reinforces these actions.  We have gotten the society we let the government give us.  We can therefore change it.

It is time to bring back role models and some old fashion ideas.  We need to start teaching our kids to respect adults, to respect each other, that they will not always win or get their way and that is not a bad thing.  Life does keep a score and sometimes it does not go your way.  We need to teach kids to look up to folks that make hard choices and do what needs to be done not for the glory but because it needed to be done.  We should be teaching them about our vets in all wars who have paid the ultimate price to keep us free.  We should hold Medal of Honor winners up as role models.  We should be holding up our founding fathers as role models too.  Abe Lincoln, Martin Luther King. . . there are many we could use.

We need to stop letting our kids look to communists, socialists, criminals, gangsters and drunks as role models.  These people should be mocked and shows for the failures they are. 

We are creating a generation of powder puffs who want and expect things to be handed to them. . . we can’t survive that way. 

We need a generation that looks for the work to be done, says “We Can” and does it.  We need kids that grow up on the history of explorers, scientists, risk takers that helped expand our world and make it a better place.  People like George Washington, Lewis and Clark, Harriet Tubman. . . there are too many to name.

People with honor, respect for our Constitution, respect for each other and our country.  Maybe then our kids and us with them will get back on the right path and this country will have a lot less problems.

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