Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gun Facts in MA. . .

I got this idea from Caleb at Gun Nuts Media

For all you folks that think we need more gun control in Massachusetts I have some basic facts you should know first. .. . . . .

Disclaimer, I am not a lawyer and your mileage may very. .  I have lived in MA my whole life and had permits and owned guns for about 30 years now.

§  In MA we still have an Assault Weapons Ban in place and cannot buy NEW magazines that hold over 10 rounds
§  An “assault weapon “ in MA is a gun with more than one of the following -  a pistol grip, collapsible stock, flash suppressor, or a bayonet lug.  It has nothing to do with machine guns which are covered by Federal Law and very hard if not impossible to get in MA and require special licenses
§  In MA you need a license just to own a gun or ammo.  Even if it lives in your house and never gets used.  Every gun you buy is registered with the state.
§  In MA we have competing lists of pistols you are permitted to purchase.  You can not buy many new models of pistols because they will not OK them in MA for safety reasons ( of course the police can anyway)
§  Permits are at the discretion of the local police who can deny a pistol permit for any reason they want. 
§  We have multiple levels of permits.  Class A for carry (CCW and large cap pistols),  Class B for non large cap pistols and large cap rifles – Target and hunting only,  Class C for low cap rifles – this is a shall issue permit if you have a clean record, and class D for pepper spray ( only state you need a permit for spray)
§  You pay $100 for all permits which are good for six years./  Renewal of a permit currently takes from a few months to almost a year.  You are a criminal 90 days after your permit expires if you have not received you new one yet and still own guns. . . . or ammo
§  Technically if you have a spent brass case stuck in your shoe tread you better have a gun permit or you face a year in jail.  So if you take a friend shooting and they are not licensed and they keep a piece of spent brass they are now a criminal.
§  Some towns ask for more than the law permits such as a doctors note or a psychiatrists note before issue of any permit.
§  To get a carry permit you need a reason that the Police agree with.  That it is your right is not a good reason in many places.  You have to show you are under a threat or need it for work and if they agree you get to carry. . . if not you don’t.
§  Some towns will not issue anyone a CCW Class A permit no matter what your background is and they can legally do that.
§ Some people who have had permits for 30 or 40 years are being denied renewals because of issues on their record like a fight back in high school 50 + years ago.
§  Every had a restraining order pulled against you?  Even by an ex just doing it to piss you off and make life miserable for you?  No permit for you

In the end it is not easy to get a permit in MA, and darn near impossible in the cities.  You can have your permit pulled for many reasons that have nothing to do with the law.  If the Police decide they don't think you are a fit person (not defined by law) they can deny or pull your permit.  
Then we also have all the Fed rules that we also must meet to be issue the permit.

And lets not forget safe storage laws so all guns must be locked up. . . not much help if your home gets invaded but then again the state don't care much about our safety.  

We don't need more gun laws in MA, we have plenty to cover us thanks.  It would be nice if we sorted through and actually enforced what is on the books before we get excited about passing new ones. . . . 

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