Sunday, December 16, 2012

How do we Fix our Country. . . Gun Control is not the answer

THIS is a great post with some real ideas on how to help the problems this country has with shootings.

Folks we have a gun control problem.  The problem is that we have gun contorl.  This shooting was in CT at a school. .  so right away we have the following facts in play:

CT has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country
You can't have a gun on school property (Gun Free Zone)
He killed (illegal) to take the guns from his mother who had them legally
He took them to the school (illegal)
He shot his way into school (illegal)
He killed people (illegal)x26

do you really think another law will help?  If so then please tell me how?

Drugs are illegal in this country I think we will all agree right?  Coke, meth, heroin. . . .We have a very active drug war going on to keep them off the streets. . . .Do you think that is working?   Really?

If you do than please tell my why any high school kid can tell you where to get drugs or who to see to get some?

Folks we have issues here.  We have become a country that is so politically correct that we won't teach people to deal with life.  We tell them in school and sports that they will always win, here is a trophy for showing up.  It does not work that way in the real world.  We set our kids up for disappointment with these feel good rules.  Kids need to learn they will not always win, they will not always be the best at everything and you don't get points for just showing up. 

Add to this that we teach people they have a right to not be insulted and to feel good. . . where is that one written down?  Heck we tell them we will make laws based on their FEELING GOOD or SAFE because of the law but totally disregard the facts that the law may actually make things worse.  I am sorry if something happened in your life and you are now sad, or out of work, or feel insulted or let down.  That is too bad but that is also your problem that you need to deal with in a constructive way and you don't have any right to blame or take it out on anyone else.  GROW UP!

On top of all this we ignore mental issues totally.

To get to the point you will kill 20 small kids you have gone into a very dark and insane place.  We need to start asking why he was not seen and treated as having issues.  If the family turned a blind eye why did everyone else?  And why do we put such a stigma on mental health that folks don't even want to discuss it.  They know it will mark them for life even if it was a temporary thing triggered by a death in the family or other stressor that may be long over and past for them.  We make people avoid mental health care even when they know they many need it and want it. . .  but they rear the cost on the rest of their lives.

Folks our government does not even want to talk about it.  Obamacare won't address any of this.  Some of the scum we have in DC is even actively calling for exploitation of this event to push more gun control.  We know that won't work but we want more?  You want proof look to the UK - guns are all but illegal in civilian hands yet they admit to a 35% increase in gun crime last year alone and their violent crime rate has passed the USAs. . .  .

No, we don't want more, they want more.  More control over our lives that is what they want.

And none of this is new.  The Bath School bombing was in 1927 and he killed 46 people, would have been more but one bomb did not go off.  We have had more killed when one person used gas to light a nightclub on fire and trapped those inside by starting the fire at the entrance door.  In 1990.  Killing 87 people.

Folks taking away our rights is not the answer.  Putting more restrictions on the law abiding folks does not prevent crime, they are not the problem to begin with.  Evil exists in the world and to cover your eyes and pretend it will go away with one more law is insane, a fantasy that will never be.  The only way to deal with evil is to insure good people have the tools (and that may be a gun some days) to deal with it and stop it.  You want proof just look at Israel and how they fixed this problem.

You don't want to look that far?  Fine, look at the last mall shooting last week.  He ran and killed himself after spotting a legal gun owner had pulled his concealed weapons and was aiming at him.  The good guy did not shoot due to other in the line of fire but it was enough.  Bad guy ran into a service corridor and killed himself.  Game over

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