Friday, December 21, 2012

An Open Letter To the Discovery Channel/Sons of Guns

Dear Discovery,

I would like to know when Sons of Guns will be back on the air?  I hope you will not allow the acts of a madman in Connecticut to make your decisions for you.  A TV show did not cause this horrendous act or drive this man to commit it.  Millions of law abiding people own guns.  Guns are used to prevent crime up to 2 million times a year.  Please do not discriminate against all of use based on a man who broke multiple laws to commit this horrid crime.  We cannot let the madman win.

If you look at the discussions on the net with each news report you can clearly see the vast majority of people realize this tragedy was a mental illness issue, the gun is just the tool picked this time.  Other madmen have used other tools such as cars, gas and airplanes to kill and we have not banned those or taken them off the air.

Guns are just a tool, and make our lives safer.  Gun sales have been up for years now and violent crime has been going down.  Blaming an inanimate object is foolish.  We need to take a hard look at how we address these issues.  It is time to start placing the blame for these tragic events on the person not the tool.  Would we feel any different if he use a bomb like the madman in 1927 did (and killed more people)?  We have a mental health issue in this county, not a gun issue.  

Please show us you also understand this and support our Constitution and our rights as Americans to not all be judged by the acts of one madman.  Millions of law abiding citizens who own guns should not be vilified for something they did not do.  Gun owners also grieve over this senseless loss of life and every one of us wishes we could change what happened.  We must keep working on finding the real cause of why this madman did this and why he did not get the help he needed.  Knee jerk reactions to attack gun owners will not help us or fix anything.  Please bring this show back.

I look forward to the return of Sons of Guns

Thank You

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