Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back in the Good Ol' Days

Folks keep taking about how things are worse now and how we never had all these mass shootings way back when. . . and I often hear that from the gun control side as they say we need more restriction on guns because things have changed and folks get guns too easy now. . . .

Before you get excited about that you should know the basic facts.

Up until 1934 anyone who wanted to could go buy a fully automatic machine gun.  Thompson sub machine guns use to be sold to farmers for pest control in the fields. . .

Then we had Prohibition and outlawed alcohol. . . which did not stop folks from getting it and created a great demand and black market for it. . .  this led to gangs fighting over it and eventually using machine guns on each other.   Instead of fixing the problem by repeal of Prohibition we outlawed machine guns. . .  which fixed nothing and eventually we woke up and repealed Prohibition.  You could still make and buy a machine gun but now you had to pay a tax to do it.

Fast forward to the Sixties. . .

Drugs are in fashion, hippies are trying to take over and we have general social change going on.  We start pushing the war on drugs and civil rights start to make great progress. . . and two people get shot. . .  MKK and JFK.  Next thing you know we have the gun control act of 1968 which gave us prohibited persons and what could be imported.  This is when you start to see the misunderstanding of the law and sporting purposes thrown around.  This also got us FFLs and lots of regulations

The Second Amendment is part of our countries checks and balances folks, it has nothing to do with sporting purposes.

1986 gave us the Firearm Owners Protection Act which banned new machine guns from being sold to civilians

1989 we get the  7 day waiting period and some semi autos band from import to the US.  Good luck women if you need a gun to defend yourself from a stalker or such.  Maybe if you ask nicely they will wait 7 days so you can defend yourself. . maybe not

The 1990s saw the introduction of gun free zones and the first assault weapons ban in 1994 (ended in 2004)

So what do we see here?  More and more gun control pushed on to the American people and we still have mass shootings.  They have never been that common, still aren’t folks that is why they make the news.  But please, look at the facts.  We did not have these problems way back when, we also did not have all the rules and regulations we do now. . . . What does that tell you about how effective these rules and regs are? 

Did you know in years gone by schools use to have shooting teams?  Heck some even had gun ranges in the school.  High school kids normally brought guns to school to go hunting after class and there were no problems. . .

Gun control is a failed experiment we need to get rid of and move on.  Guns are not the problem if they were then we should be seeing either a huge reduction in crime due to the control or a huge increase in crime due to the large number of guns in civilian hands.

What we actually see is that where there are huge numbers of guns and less gun control crime is down.  Overall crime is down all over the USA  but in areas of very tight gun control like DC, Chicago and other major cities gun control is tight we have higher crime, and more violent crime.

We also see the news folks ignore the fact that most gun crime is criminal on criminal as the fight over turf and drugs. . .

Lets move past this, end gun control and start to fix our country.  We need to address the murderer, not the tool used

Here is a web site with more info on guns in the USA

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