Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gun Control

Dear CNN

Thank you for continuing to dance in the blood, putting up misinformation and in general ignoring the facts that all of the mass shootings where 3 or more folks were killed since 1950 with the exception of the Gabriel Gifford's one were in gun free zones.

Thank you for ignoring the fact that the UK answer of banning guns has not worked and pushing false info that it has helped.  Gun crime is up in the UK (35% last year - see here).  In the decade after they banned guns it went up 89%. . .

Thank you for ignoring the fact that Israel had a problem like this and armed their teachers. . . they have not had a school shooting since.

And I can't wait to see what Obama and Co. come up with for a plan.  They have kicked the can a month down the road.  Do they really want to fix things or just pass some more feel good laws that disarm us and strip us of our rights.  I think they will play politics with this and not offer anything for a real fix.  They will take the easy road of blaming the gun, further attack lawful gun owners, and hope they are out of office before the next one.

Time will tell but I will say this.  Good laws are not based on emotion.

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