Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dear Senator. . . .

Dear Senator

With the end of the holiday break I wanted to write you again and ask again that you do not support Sen. Feinsteins insane new idea at gun bans.  The gun is not the problem, the problem is the gun free zone.  Pushing for more gun laws that most Americans don’t back is not helping but further dividing our country.  We don’t need that right now.  We have enough division in America as it is, don’t fan the flames.

I don’t want to arm the teachers by force. I don’t care if none of them carry.  But if we want to fix this mess then lets at least admit the facts.  All but one mass shooting since 1950 was in a gun free zone.  We need to get rid of them.  Gun Free zones don’t make us any safer, and they do tell the bad guy or the mad man where he can go to kill people and that no one there can fight back.  Take that away from him.  Make him wonder if anyone will be armed.  Make him think about it.

Prohibitions don’t work and we have seen that over and over.  It only leads to a black market for the prohibited item and adds violence and criminals to the mix.  Look at the Alcohol Prohibition era, look at our war on drugs.   Did either work?  Did folks stop drinking?  Can folks get drugs now?  Did /do either do anything to stop violent crime?

We need to stop blaming the tool.  Lets’ remember the biggest mass killing in a school was in the Bath school BOMBing in 1927 and the most famous of our time in Columbine was during the first assault weapon ban.

Gun laws are not the fix.  We need to look at how and why these folks snap and kill people.  We need to address the mentally ill and getting them identified and helped before they go this far.

Please don’t pass more gun laws,  Don’t further divide our country and please PLEASE don’t punish millions of law abiding citizens for the acts of one madman.

Thank You

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