Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gun links and MORE info gun control don't work

Here are a number of interesting links I ran across today:

1- NBC is better than you and me. . . they don't think the law applies to them

2 - And from Chicago we can quickly see that gun control don't work. . . 440+ kids shot in their schools this year and 60 or so killed. . . nothing on the news eh?

3- Assault Weapon buy back by force?  in NY?  not likely, they can't afford it there are too many out there.

4 - So armed police in schools is a bad idea???  they loved it back in 2000 when Clinton asked for it. . . then Obama de-funded it. . . . Thank you Obama

5 - Some reflections on what we need to learn after Newtown. . .

6 - So you can't use an AR to hunt with?  This guy and his dinner may disagree.

7 - and some stats from the Fed on Violent crime and how it has been going down as gun sales go up. . . and hey guess what that school shooting in Columbine shooting was in 1999. . . in the middle of the last Assault Weapons ban. . . guess that didn't help

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