Friday, December 12, 2008

Auto Bail Out Stalled

Yes, Stalled.

I am sure they will try to push this through again. You know what stalled it? The auto folks could not say when they would be competitive. . . They don't know or have a plan for it.

Until the Union is removed and/or gotten under control they will never be competitive. The unions are too strong and the Auto Industry gave them too much. They are over paid, under worked, and over compensated compared to everyone else in the industry and they are killing themselves. They are a cancer on the American Auto Makers killing them yet demanding more and more from them on the way down. . . If they are not fixed we should not throw away a cent on this dying industry.

Ya know, the more I think of this the more I feel like this may be a win for us. The Republicans remembered that they are conservative and they stopped the Democrats from giving away our money. If they can stop things now we have hope that they can stop similar crap when Dear Leader gets in office. Maybe there is hope that he can be stopped.

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