Thursday, July 22, 2010

You know it's going to be a bad day. . ..

When on your way out the door to work you find bits and pieces of your X-Wing fighter model on the floor. . .  that should be in the closed cabinet you display them in. . . .
Seems my son (who is 3) got into my model case and got the guns off the model.  I found a trail of parts from the room my models are in into the play room.  I managed to find all but one part before I had to leave for work. . . guess what I am looking for tonight??
To top it off while looking for model bits I noticed he had pushed out the screen on the window in the room too.  And no, it was not outside under the window.  I found it after a bit of searching in the back yard by the play set. . . . (for the record, it is a first floor window and no he does not try to get out)
I swear this kid will be the death of me. . . . and if you catch him doing any of this he gets the best cute and Innocent look you have ever seen, you just can't stay upset at him.
Well, we will see where the day goes from here. . .

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