Monday, July 5, 2010

The Stimulus is over?

CNN tells us the big bang from the stimulus has passes, read it HERE

Not sure why we are surprised that this ran out of steam.  The government dumped tones of cash it did not have into things like new car and new home credits then wondered why the markets didn't stay up. . . .

I am no economist but it does not take a rocket scientist to know that you have a limited number of folks looking for a new house or new car at any time.  Now the stimulus was great for getting them moving to buy, but it did not make MORE people able to buy.  What it did do is compress the sales that would have been made over say the next year into a six month run.

Looks good on the books, but like a drug user who gets high the market crashed when the money and buyers runs out.  It don't just crash, it goes lower than it was at the start.  Now you still have folks that want to sell their homes, or dealers with cars on the lot, but all the buyers have bought, it is over until a new bunch of folks need the product.

The Fed knew this, I can't see how they didn't.  This was a ton of cash blown for temporary good numbers to make them look good.

Folks there is not good quick fix for this mess.  We need to deal with the pain, learn what works in the new economy, and rebuild ourselves.  The Fed can't do it for us.  We will need to learn new trades, new skills, and take the time for new companies and new markets to get going.  In the mean time we need to deal with the pain, and avoid foolish fixes that will just make this last longer. . . .

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