Saturday, July 10, 2010

State Department goes Anit-Constitution

THIS makes me sick.

To think that our tax money goes to the UN so they can undermine the human rights of people around the world.  In particular this one is an attack on the right to self defense. . . .

In reality it translates into how to disarm the people so the tyrants can do what they want.

The UN loves this crap in the name of reducing violence we will take away your ability to defend yourself, if you can't fight back then there is no violence right?  Just be a nice slave and do what the beautiful people running things tell you.  You know they are smarter than you anyway right?

We really need to start to fuck with the UN and stop all the socialist CRAP they push.  We have a veto, we should be using it early and often - oh that's right, our President hates the American way of life too, I forgot.

I will remember in November though. . . .

Thanks to Say Uncle for the heads up. . .

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