Friday, July 16, 2010

NAACP vc. Tea Party

Caught the NAACP rant on CNN today. Seems they think that the Tea
Party is racist. As apposed to the Black Panthers I guess. . .
Anyway they are all up in arms over a few signs that got seen on TV.

I don't buy it for a few reasons:

1 – There are black folks and all other kinds too in the Tea Party –
it is not a white group, it is a American group.

2 – I have seen reports and photos of folks going to the Tea Party
events just to make them look bad. Most of them seem to be Obama
supporters for some reason but they are not members of the tea
parties. The left has actively tried to make the Tea Party movement
look bad because they know the damage it is doing to them and their
hopes for November

3 – I have met and know a number of folks in the Tea Party movement
and I know they are not racist.

So it seems that the NAACP wants to brand us all bad because of a few
folks that may not even be legitimate members of the movement that
showed up at a protest. For a group who claims to fight
discrimination it sounds like they have no problem with it when they
do it. How come when you ask them about black folks that they have in
their ranks who seem to preach hate of whites they say it is a few bad
apples, but they call the entire Tea Party racist? You can't have it
both ways folks. I think you are letting your feelings for Obama
cloud you judgment here a bit. . .

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