Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back Arizona!

This is in the local news today.

Seems that the AZ Governor is in town for a Governor's meeting so all the local moon bats are out to protest the immigration law in AZ.  You know the one that is a mirror of the Fed law that they will not enforce?

I am sick of the lies the media is telling to stir up the pot.  This law does not promote racial profiling, it is nothing new, it is a copy of the Fed law.  You should read it before you bitch about it.

Then add to it all the violence and kidnappings they are dealing with due to the drug lords and illegals coming over the border.  Easy to be against this law when you are thousands of miles away and not dealing with any of the crime issues.

You really want to protests something, then go protest in Rhode Island which has a very similar law on the books. . .. how come we don't hear about that one?  Maybe because RI is not on the border where it can stop these illegals from coming here???

Just stop folks.  We need to shut the borders and make it all but impossible for the illegals to stay here.  I am not talking about some big round up - that would never work.  What does work is to eliminate their support, then they will leave on their own.  We need to make it impossible for them to get work, housing, or money.  They will go home on their own then.  This has been proven on a state level, now we need to do it on a National one. . . .

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