Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arizona Debate

Watching the debate on CNN. . ..  the illegals are whining that the law is unjust and they should be allowed to stay after all the work they did to break into our country to start with. . .
Sorry folks, I still say the AZ law is a good one as it will drive them out of the country with no extra work or spending on our part.  The cops will do what they are supposed to by Federal Law, that being enforcement of the Federal Law on immigration.
I would like to see things go to the next level.  I want to see harsh punishment to anyone who can be shown to knowingly employ or house or rent to an illegal alien.  Make it so they can't live here.  And for all those sanctuary cities that want to help them break our laws how about this - sure, you can be a sanctuary city but we will cut all federal funding to you for anything and everything as long as you fail to enforce the law of the land.  May even go to saying companies in these cities can not get federal contracts.  Lets see how they do when all those nice big employers move out. . .
That should wake up a few hippies.

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