Monday, July 5, 2010

10 things I am thankful for

Well, all the cool kids are doing this one and since no one reads this anyway I figured what the hell.  So, a list of 10 things I am thankful for:
10 Home - I have a nice house, bigger than I need and even though there are times I wonder why I am killing myself to pay for all this on nice quiet mornings like this sitting in the back yard watching my son play in his sand box it is all worth it!
9 Gun Bloggers - I have gotten back into shooting and made a number of friends through the gun blogging.  Some I even met, others I hope I will some day.  I have learned a lot reading the blogs from Law Dog, JayG, Tam and others.  Lots of good folks out there in gunny land
8 Shooting - I love  to shoot, and it has given me a great way to meet folks, and something I can share with my oldest daughter.  I love the time we can spend at the range just dad and daughter putting some lead down range.  Good quality time with the sprog!
7 Job - I have a good job, it can be frustrating at times but I get along with everyone and my boss is a good guy and reasonable, what else can you ask for?  I have had some really bad bosses so I know!
6 This Country - I complain, bitch, and live in MA but it is still a great country! I know we will survive Obama and the madness of the left in MA and eventually will find our way again.  I can't think of a better place to live and raise kids.
5 Friends - I don't have many true Friends and I wish I saw those I do have more often.  What can you do?  We all have kids and crap to deal with now.  But still, I know who they are and I know they would be there in a moment if needed (and have been) and I would do the same for any one of them.  You are stuck with family, you pick your friends and if you are lucky they pick you too
4 Disney - I love going to Disney and so does the whole family.  Where else on Earth can you go and forget the world for a week.  We stay on property so for the vacation we don't hear a thing about the outside world.  Probably a lot like camping I guess except we get good food and amusement rides = )
3 Masons - I finally joined a year ago and it has been a wonder.  My Grandad was a Mason so it gives me a bit of a connection to him (he was an Engineer too).  The folks I have met, things I have done and friends I have made there have been wonderful.  A great way to give a bit back for all I have.
2 Health - I need to get a check up but overall I am in good health and can do what I want with my family.  No aches or pains to speak of so all is well!  Now if I could just drop a few pounds thing would be great
1 Family - how can I not be thankful for my family.  I have a great wife and three lovely kids that make the whole getting up and dragging my ass to work to pay for this all every day worth it!  There are times but when push comes to shove I wouldn't trade any of them. . . . who else would put up with me

well, that is my 10 not that anyone will probably read them. . . if you do, leave a note so I know you were by to visit!

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