Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My letter to our State Reps. . .

Once again our great governor is going for the cheap and meaningless laws to attack lawful gun owners and get press coverage without doing anything about gun crime. . . if you live in MA you need to contact the House Ways and Means committee to ask them to vote no.  Here is what I sent in. . . . .
I am writing to ask that you vote against bill 4102 which has been miss-labeled "An Act to Reduce Firearm Violence".
If this bill becomes law it will do nothing to prevent any firearm violence, and will do a lot to further restrict the rights of legal, permit holding gun owners in our state.  Time and again this group of people have had their rights restricted by these gun laws, even though studies have shown they are some of the most law abiding folks in the state/country.
This law says it will restrict straw purchases. . . they are already illegal at the Federal level.  Lets enforce the laws we already have on the books instead of adding to them.
It also restricts gun purchases by LAWFUL GUN OWNERS to one a month.  Why?  Do we really have that many multiple sales?  I doubt it.  And if we did, how many are really multiple sales that are straw purchases?  if we know it is a straw purchase then arrest the person under existing laws and put them in jail.
Our state has some of the harshest gun laws in the country even though there is no proof that any of them do a thing to reduce gun crimes.  Criminals by definition do not follow the law.  They do not have gun permits, many are already prohibited persons as far as even handling a gun, and they sure as heck don't buy their guns legally.  Why do we think another law will make a difference?
Gun owners in this state are treated as second class citizens.  Another law to restrict them will do nothing to prevent gun crime, and will further open up our state to costly legal challenge in the courts.  The Supreme Court of the USA has said the Second Amendment is a personal right to self defense - please don't work against our rights.  We already have laws that will be challenged with the latest McDonald ruling costing us money to defend in court and will probably lose.  Money we don't have and should be spent on more important things like our roads and schools.
Please, this bill does nothing but further harm lawful gun owners in this state.  It does not add any laws to the books that will prevent gun crime, but it does duplicate some we already have.
There are plenty of issues that need to be addressed to help our state at this point - Jobs, Taxes, paying for Health Care, attracting businesses to our great state.  Please don't waste your time on an issue that is all about press coverage and nothing about a real problem that needs to be fixed.
Vote NO on H4102 and show the people you support our civil rights!

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