Monday, July 5, 2010

Finally! Help with the Gulf Oil Spill

Now we get some help with the Gulf Oil Spill. . . .

You can read about the new Skimmer here.

Am I the only one that is totally disgusted with the reaction of the Fed to the oil spill?  The more you read the more you see how much they screwed up.  When will the news media start doing their job and put pressure on Obama and friends to fix this mess.

For example do you know we could have had skimmers from other country's helping from day one?  We could have had Kevin Costner's invention running rather quickly too.  And we could have built up sand barriers and such to save the coastlines. . . .

Why didn't we you ask?  Simple, the EPA said they would not make the water pure enough.  The skimmer and new invention only got 99 of the oil, not 99.99% so they would not let them use them.  The Fed would rather have all the oil in the water instead of 1% of the oil. 

As for building sand bars and such they were afraid of the environmental impact. . . . as opposed to all the oil getting to shore?  WTF folks???

We need to start to shout that this is not some sort of game for Obama and the pols to earn points with and play games!  We need to demand they stop screwing around and DO SOMETHING!  Sitting here to study the options is no longer an option, you have had two months, damn it DO SOMETHING it has to be better than the nothing you are doing now.

And by DO SOMETHING I don't want the Fed in charge, they have shown they can't do it.  I want engineers running things that know how all this clean up stuff works and how to best use it.  The should have the power to tell the EPA to SHUT UP and SIT DOWN until this is over.  The EPA has screwed this up seven ways to Sunday, time to give someone else a shot at fixing it!

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