Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mass Health Care is Failing

Well it has started, you can read about it HERE if you want.

What we have is what we were all warned about but they passed universal health care anyway, here and nationally.  Now the cost has not gone down, it went up.  Now companies can not afford to offer insurance to their workers so they are cutting out private insurance and telling them to go join the state program. . . .

Know what?  The state is starting to panic because it does not have the money for all the new people it will have to cover.  It will bust our budget in MA.

Guess what comes next . . . . . Rationing of the health care to keep the cost down.  Oh they won't call it that but that is what will happen.  So when they decide you are too old or too young to make it worth it you don't get health care.

Another Dem Socialist plan that failed.  The problem is they are going to take us all down with them.

In November not only do we need to get the Dems out of power in Congress, but take the warning from MA, and we need to undo the national health care failure they passed.  We are going down the road to our own destruction, don't let Obama get away with it!

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