Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Women on TV - NCIS

What is it about the main stream media that they can’t seem to handle a strong female character that can take care of herself? While watching NCIS last night I was horrified by what they did to Ziva. This is a character that killed her own half brother when he tried to kill Gibbs, (he was a terrorist). She also has been in a knife fight in another episode where I am not sure if she killed the attacker.

So why all of a sudden after she shoots a known killer while under cover would she suddenly crack and be all choked up about it? She is supposed to be a trained assassin. She has killed other folks on the show, and lost folks close to her without this issue.

My wife thinks it was to make her more human, but I don’t buy it. She has been acting fine all along. She shows feeling for her friends, and seems to be interested in Tony on the show but neither character admits they like each other. I think they are turning her into a wuss. I would much rather my kids see the strong character that takes care of herself and her friends instead of this thing that falls apart and needs to lean on a guy to get through it. They could have handled it so much better than making her start to look like the typical Hollywood female crying “help me help me. . .”

I hope they go back to the old Ziva in the next show. She was one of the great parts of the show and I hate to see them mess it up. Note to Hollywood – A strong woman who can take care of herself and cover her friends back is not something to fear. Heck, some of us actually find it an attractive trait in a woman that she can take care of herself.

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