Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Take away the guns and folks will use. . .

From the Globe and Mail:

The slaying of Mr. Knox, who portrayed Harry Potter’s schoolmate Marcus Belby in the popular wizard movies, was the year’s 28th fatal stabbing in Britain and the 14th in London, which has seen more than 100 stabbings in the first five months of the year. Almost all these crimes were committed by young men in their teens or 20s.

In the decade since 1997, during which the numbers for almost all other violent and non-violent crimes have fallen dramatically, the number of British teenagers convicted of knife-related crimes has nearly tripled, from 482 to 1,256 in 2006. Surveys suggest that about 20 per cent of London teenagers carry a knife, despite increasingly tough laws.

Now there is a surprise. . . Take away all the guns and folks just find a new weapon that they can get their hands on. . . . . Don't know about you but I have been saying this for years, too bad someone felt the need to prove it.

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