Monday, May 12, 2008

Dump the Mass Income Tax

Looks like they are going to try again to get rid of the Mass Income tax. I would love to see it pass. Hell, I would love to just see it make it to the ballot in the fall, it will drive the liberals absolutely barking mad.

More money in my pocket means more money in the economy of the state which can only be a good thing. Too bad we don’t live in a free state and even if it passes the state house will just kill it or put a new one in place and all we will have done is showed that we are PO’d and our masters don’t care a bit about it. Our state is bloated now on what it spends, and this may be the wake up call they need to start looking at cutting back on the budget.

I am sorry but this state funds way too many programs that it has no business being involved in. Fix my roads, push our interests at the national and international level, attract new business to the state. For just about everything else they do, pull the plug and let us pay for it at the town level where we have a say in how much we pay and what we pay for. Give me schools, Police, Fire, and local roads, for the rest, get out of my wallet. It is way past time for this state to start cutting back on everything it buys just like us poor sods living here have had to do so we can pay for our homes and taxes. Times are tough, why shouldn’t the state feel the pain too and have to cut back.

I know it won’t but it is a nice dream. Some day it may happen. . . . .

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