Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mass Health Care

You want a preview of what national health care would do to this country take a look what it is doing to Mass:

From the Boston Globe

Critics say the $400 million in higher-than-expected health care costs on top of the $400 million the plan already draws from the rainy day fund and other, smaller cost increases could force the state to draw as much as $1 billion from the rainy day fund.

Knapik also said he was concerned with the spiraling cost of the health care law, saying it's siphoning money away from other pressing needs.

He said the Senate should consider restricting parts of the law, designed to mandate health care to virtually all Massachusetts residents.

“We ought to have that debate," he said. "We've got to put the entire discussion of the scope of the law on the table."

Isn’t that great? They forced everyone to buy health care and they are spending money the state does not have to run it. More Tax and Spend from the liberals running this state. The best thing the government can do is to get the hell out of the health care business. The next best thing they can do is get most of the lawyers out of it. . . .

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