Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Muslim student threatens teacher

The story is here and it makes me sick. Here are a few of the facts on this one. I hope the teacher has at the student and the PUBLICLY FUNDED school for this. It should fall under Americans with Disabilities Act I bet. I also would love to see the Somali sent home.

The student claims the dog is unclean based on his religion so he wants it gone. DEAL WITH IT YOU SI&*T This is America, you don't like it go home. You came here, we didn't make you so learn to live like us.

Crap like this is a big problem and we need to stop it NOW. Immigration is fine and a great thing as long as they want to become AMERICAN and not try to make us Somali. I know a number of immigrants, some family and some friends and we are a better country because they are here - but they are or are working on being AMERICAN.

It is immigrants with this attatude that they will change US that is the problem. All I can say to this guy is GO HOME TO SOMALIA if you don' t like it here. And after they stir up trouble it will be blamed on us for being intolerant of them. . . Just who is being intolerant here anyway??

From the paper:

A Muslim high school student's intolerance for a service dog needed by a student teacher with a disability has reportedly prompted the student teacher to abandon the last 10 hours of his scheduled assignment at Technical High School in St. Cloud, Minn.

He's a student at St. Cloud State University, and was assigned to Technical High School in the St. Cloud district for his 50 hours of student teaching, and took with him his service dog, Emmitt.

Hurd, however, reported a student threatened to kill his dog. He said the threat came from a Somali student who is Muslim. Minnesota has a large Somali population, mostly Muslim, and they have been involved in issues over their religion in the past.

Hurd earlier spent some time student teaching at Talahi Community School, where he said his experience was good. He told the newspaper Somali students there even petted his dog, although they used paper to keep their hands from actually making physical contact.

But at Tech, Hurd reported, students taunted his dog, and he left when he was told a student threatened the animal.

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Anonymous said...

This just jacked up my blood pressure a notch. The fu&*ing nerve!