Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Mass Moment

Add this to the only in MA list. . . we are going to track down the illegal Immigrants and when found what will we do? Give them free health insurance. Great, nice way to spend my tax money. . . . and they are doing this when the state is short of funds, loosing population, jobs and going down the shi#er too.

From MetroWest Daily News:

The Department of Public Health is introducing a pilot program to subsidize health insurance for illegal immigrants, Commissioner John Auerbach announced yesterday during a MetroWest-focused meeting.

Starting this summer, the department plans to enroll 50 uninsured people from a group of patients currently relying on the state's Safety Net Pool to cover their medical costs, Auerbach said. Given the recent health insurance mandate tracked through income tax returns, Auerbach said that group is now largely made up of illegal immigrants.

To recruit the 50 test cases, Auerbach's department will send letters to some of the most frequent users of the Safety Net Pool. The department will then subsidize insurance coverage from private providers, tracking the volunteers to see if their health improves and if an expanded program could save the state money. (edit - added due to email to explain things better)

And to top it off they are finding these folks by income tax. So the folks are working illegally, not paying taxes, have broken the law a few different ways and we will reward them will free health insurance that the rest of us get to pay for. This state is sick and getting sicker. And they wonder why anyone that can is leaving this hell hole. This state is going to crash eventually with the way it is run, it should be a spectacular failure worthy of the liberal BS that got it there. I just hope it holds off long enough for me to be able to move out first. . . .

On a different note, I understand the current budget we are trying to pass is already a billion in the red so this will just add to it. . . .

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