Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jack's big adventure

Jack is again proving that girls are easier to raise than boys, at least at this age. . . than and the fact that he is too smart for my own good.

We have a rather nice stair way up to the second floor that we don’t want him playing on for obvious reasons so we have a gate/fence in front of it blocking off the steps. Well I was informed that Jack has now figured out how to move the gate aside so that he can squeeze through and go up stairs. My wife found this out when she heard him playing in the upstairs hall. . . when she went up to see if it was him or one of the cats he made a break for it to go hid in my oldest daughters room. Quickly realizing that he could not crawl fast enough to avoid getting caught he went to plan B – Turn around, look at mom and give her the best “cute” look he could come up with. Hard to get mad at that big smiling face that screams "Play with me I'm cute!"

For a kid that is just a year old, he is learning too fast for me, he already walks a bit, obviously plans out what he is doing, and even has a plan B for when he gets caught. Thank God he has not figured out sound travels yet or we would really be in trouble. . . Once he comes up with the concept of stealth I think my wife and I will quickly loose the few nerves we have left worrying about him. . .

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