Thursday, May 8, 2008

Courthouse Shooting

Here is a report from CNN on further proof that Gun Free Zones don't work. It is amazing how quickly this one end since an armed person was there to stop the nutcase. . .

From CNN:

The gunfight unfolded as court staffers and a handful of others were in the lobby of the courthouse, which has about 70 employees.

Pinellas County Clerk of Court Ken Burke said one of his office windows was shattered by a bullet. None of the clerk's staff was hurt.

The courthouse was closed after the shooting and is expected to resume normal business Thursday.

Court officials credited the bailiffs with averting a tragedy.

I guess it does pay to have a person with a gun in the area when a nut gets loose. . . Too bad we still don't want to accept that fact. But once again here is the proof. Gunman goes nuts, lawful gun in the area stops the rampage with only one person hurt, no one but the gunman dead. Big difference from when someone gets loose at a school. . .

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