Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

2008 here we come ready or not. . . . .

2007 was a great year for us, a new son, the girls are doing well in school and we have most of the addition done for Mom to move in with us. I also managed to expand the model and gun collection a bit so I can’t complain. T is still doing her Pampered Chief and getting that going again after a delay due to pregnancy. Add to that the new job with much less stress and I have to call it a very successful year.

We should have the house done in the next month or so and will be able to start moving stuff over like the pool table which will be nice.

2008 – Guess this will be the year of house finishing. . . we will have enough to do around the house to keep busy for a while. I hope to start de-packratting once all is said and done. Since construction will be done there will be no excuses to keep stuff we don’t use for that “someday when the house is done”, that day will be here.

Hope you all have a good New Year, stay safe and have fun!

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