Sunday, November 13, 2016

The sad liberal echo chamber we call MA. . .

It has been a sad few days listening to otherwise intelligent friends from the other side lose their minds and continue to push the disinformation the media put out on Trump. I blame a lot of it to being in MA which is little more than an echo chamber for the left, no one challenges their thinking and if you do all they do is knowingly shake their head and tell you you are wrong just ask anyone. . . and then push the hate they accuse the right of . . . a very sad time.

Go get some facts. Trump has already said that yes he will dump Obamacare but there are good points that will be kept like kids staying on to 26 and the bit on existing conditions. Trump has said nothing against the LGBT folks and many supported him. He even supported them in his acceptance speech for the nomination and was photographed holding a rainbow flag given by a support at a rally. No he is not going to attack LGBT rights.

He has also said nothing about doing anything to any legal immigrant to this country. He wants to stop Illegals and every other country out there has immigration control, why should we not? Especially when open borders are only making it easier for those who hate us to come here and stir up trouble and kill us.

I fear the Echo chamber of MA will eventually cost me a few friends as I cannot support folks who support violent protests and continue to push to divide the country.

You want to protest peacefully please do and for his entire term if you want, we did and it is your right, a right I will gladly fight to make sure you have. But if you want to continue to attack fellow citizens, call folks names and throw stones to divide us, and if you want to promote hate and violence then please unfriend me now.

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