Saturday, November 12, 2016

Protest or Riot?

Folks it is time we start to call what is going on what it is. . . Riots.

We have two groups active after this election.  Citizens who are peacefully protesting and exercising their rights and Radicals who are attacking folks, burning things, breaking windows and as of last night shooting folks.

I call on the news to start to make a differentiation when they report on this.  This violence is not a protest it is a riot and should be call what it is and the folks taking part treated like criminals.

Can you imagine what would have happened if the right has done this after Obama won?  Really, be honest do you think the media would call it a protest?  Yes the right did protest but no one was hurt and nothing destroyed in the process. . . That is a big difference.

So now that we have all had a few days to digest this it is time to move forward.  Protesters have fun and protest.  Hell do it for his entire term if you want, the right did - but if you harm any one or any thing you are not protesting you are rioting and the cops need to deal with you accordingly.

And to the rest of us be honest we protested Obama from day one and every day in some way.  That is OK but at least admit they are doing what we would be as far as the peaceful protests.  It is the violence we did not have with Obama and it is the violence everyone should be speaking out against and loudly.  Our system lives and works best with protest, not violence.

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