Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Left goes Nuts on Trump

Folks even CNN can see why you lost this election.  Heck they are calling for burning down the Democratic party and starting over. . . much like what Trump forced onto the GOP.

Both parties need to be rebuilt to work for the people but that is a different story.


I voted against Hillary because of my fear of how she would run things.  I did not want another 4 years of the failed Obama ideas.  More importantly I did not want 4 more years of hate and name calling used against anyone who disagreed with her.

Did the Conservatives protests?  Sure they have the Tea Party and we saw plenty of protests.  What we did not see was violence in the streets as part of these protests.  What we did not see was the right calling folks names or Nazi's because you disagreed with them.  Did the far right have stand offs with the cops?  Yes, a few times but again nothing got torched, and the only dead person was a protester.  Property was not damaged and innocent folks were not put in harms way.

What I am seeing on the news now has shown me I made the right call voting against her.  If this is how her supporters act when she lost a lawful election can you imagine what they would have done over the upcoming fights for the courts and to pass laws?  Were there issues with the vote?  Sure and most favored Hillary. . . . . who assured us it was not rigged so now you need to live with the outcome for 4 years.

As I watch I see what Obama has done to us.  Further divided our country and incites hate because of a different opinion.  And to make it worse the supporters of the left refuse to even listen to a different opinion.  I have tried pointing out facts, they don't care and always have an excuse why the facts are wrong and they are right.  Sorry but facts are facts and don't change because you don't like them.  You can ignore them but they are still the facts.

Do you have the right to bitch about the loss?  Sure, as long as it is peaceful.  I am seeing the left do exactly what the demonized the right for.  Except the right never did it and I am watching the left do it now.  Time to step back folks and take a good hard look in the mirror.

It is the left who for years now has been torching their own neighborhoods when things go wrong instead of working in the courts, it is the left who was beating up supporters of the other side and burning their campaign offices.  It is now the left that is rioting in the streets like spoiled children over a fair and open election when there are legal means to protest the vote if you have proof it was rigged.  Why is it always the left that resorts to violence?

I think this is exactly why Trump won.  The average American is sick of this crap and wants real change.  Trump promised it and we gave him 4 years to do it or he is out.

Either way I don't want the left running things if their thugs are going to come and beat folks and burn out our homes and businesses because we disagree with them and say so.  You want to compare someone to the 1930's Nazi party you need to look at history and look how you are acting on the left. . . .

  It seems to me that they have shown us who they really are and we have rejected it.  They are far to quick to resort to violence and someone needs to take a good hard look at why. . . .

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