Saturday, November 19, 2016

Obama still pushing to divide us

After all of this you still can't get Obama to call on folks to stop the violence.  If anything his actions seem to encourage it.

And they don't care about anyone but themselves.  Seems the VP elect was jeered at the play Hamilton all through the play. . . . no regards for his rights to see a play in peace, and for sure no care for all the others that paid good money to see a play and had to deal with children.

Over and over we see that the liberal left are no better than children.  It is good they did not win, and I hope more and more folks are waking up to this fact and will help keep them out of power in the years to come.

I also hope Trump will do his job and stack the Supreme Court with conservative judges to protect our rights for generations to come.

This was a critical election to win and we did.  Now we need to stay on them and make them undo the damage done by 8 years of Obama and the socialists. . . We have not turned the tide yet. . . we have not won yet. . .  we have much work still to do.

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