Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Radicals

At this point I think we need to call folks what they are.  We seem to have two groups going right now, folks on the left that are upset and peacefully protesting - annoying and acting like cry babies but perfectly in their rights to protest. . .

Then we have the folks that have now shot people, shot cops, burned cars and buildings, broken windows and beat folks they thought voted for Trump.  Some are even calling for killing Trump voters. I don't want to call them by any name that will confuse them with the lawful citizens in the first group.  So what do we call them?  The radical left?  Just Radicals?

When do they cross the line into terrorist?

And they seem to forget a few key things like the fact that the folks they want to attack and kill are the mostly the same folks who own the guns. . . and many more than one. . . . these are also the folks that probably have experience in the service or at least have had training on use of that gun they own.

This is not going where you folks want it to .  You may think so but I doubt you have really honestly thought this through.  Time to stop listening to the BS from the political folks and time to look at reality not the fantasy of the left.  You are talking about starting a civil war with a bunch of armed folks, who are trained for just that. . . . and as you are breaking the law you will quickly find the government is also going to fight against you.

You cannot win this one folks.  Time to grow up before anyone else gets hurt on either side.

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