Thursday, November 10, 2016

Calls for Civil War. . . Really?

You know what?  Listening to the news today is doing nothing to help heal our nation.  Folks that four years ago told us to grow up for saying Obama was not my President are now the ones chanting those same words. 

Funny how those same people that told us just 4 years ago that he won, it was a fare election and we need to deal with it are now the ones who are not “dealing with it”.  The real problem is they have taken it up a level from just protesting and complaining to blocking streets and burning things down.. . .  a bit sever don’t you think?

And to top it off now a few are calling for a civil war over this. .  . Really?  When folks said that 4 years ago you told us to shut up and sit down. . . funny how you can’t see that you are now doing exactly what you complained about us doing.  And have you really thought this through?
Folks there has been a lot of talk on both side over the past 8 years about a civil war here. . . and I am one that has said I think we are going that way. . .  That does NOT mean I want one or would not do anything I could to reverse things.  Only a crazy person would actually push for a civil war.  Let’s be adult here and face the fact that in the grand scheme of things neither side has done anything that cannot be undone through the system at this point.  And neither side has done anything to the level of pulling that switch.

Yes our Founders want us to be able to have that very war if the government gets out of control but do you really think we are there yet?  Honestly?  If so please show me the data because I don’t see anything that has been done we cannot revers with the current system. 

A civil war would drive the US into third world country status and destroy much of our infrastructure that would take generations  for us to fix and recover from.  Do you want that for your kids?
And for those that want a war please educate yourself on the cost of the last one:

About 620,000 died – that does not include wounded or missing. . . almost 2% of the nation’s population then. . . today that would be 6,484,540 dead.  You really think anything that has happened so far is worth that?

So it is time for us all to suck it up and move on folks.  We had bad choices once again and we have no one to blame but ourselves for letting them get that far.  Now do what you can to make your piece of our nation better and in 4 years we may just be amazed at what we have done. . . we are Americans it is time to start acting like it.

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