Friday, November 11, 2016

Open letter to the Radical Left.

Folks now that we have had a few days to watch the Radicals lose their shit over a normal election in America lets look at some facts. So for you radicals out there lets look at a few things. . . .

Americans are basically good people. No matter what the news tells you there is not popular support to attack our fellow citizens who are gay or Muslim or black or yellow or green or anything else. There is not popular support to end the right to choose or to take away women's rights. There is no popular support for police brutality on anyone and there is no popular support for racism. There is no popular support for much of the crap the news is talking about. They like to stir things up and it gets attention. If this election has shown us anything it should be that our news is not unbiased and it is not as interested in the facts as much as it is interested in a good sound bit no matter where it came from. It is in the news medias interest to push fear and hate, it sells- stop playing their game.

The President of the USA (POTUS) can say a lot, but our founders whom you like to crap on were much smarter than you give them credit for. While the POTUS can talk all he/she wants and they do every election they seldom can do all they say they can. Why? It is called checks and balances and we have a bunch.

First and foremost is the Congress. And before you say the GOP got that too it is the House and the Senate that is needed to pass a law, and the Senate is only held by 1 seat at this point. Almost every bill that comes through folks from both sides cross the isle to do what is best for their state so they can get reelected. These folks are also people, not evil machines or demons and they will vote based on their morals and that prevents a lot of crap from passing.

Second we have the courts and they are rather neutral now (maybe a bit left of where they should be but. . .) and use our Constitution to make the calls. Our Constitution was well written and has served us well for over 200 years now. It is because of this very document we now have gay marriage and and may other things. The Constitution does not grant us rights folks, it is a very limited document that tell the government what it has the powers to do and no more. Our rights exist no matter what, every single one of them listed in the Bill of Rights exists no matter what DC says. DC did not grant them and DC does not have the power to take them. We can let them stop us from using our rights but they can't take them.

Lastly we have the people. Although many of us don't want socialism and that is what Obama was selling we also don't want the Government running our lives or yours. You will find that when the people speak Congress listens (so they can get reelected). There will not be enough support to overturn Roe v. Wade in the courts or Congress. There will be no support to deport Citizens (Illegals should not be here anyway), and you will not find support to discriminate in any laws that make it through Congress. Congress also controls the money folks and if enough of us convince our rep not to back something - even if it is a law or one of the regs from the numerous bureaucracies run by appointment in DC it can still be stopped by the House. If they don't pay for it to happen it will be very hard for them to do it. Cut off the money as they say. . . 

Then we have the fail safe, called the Second Amendment. And it is still strong in most of the country and growing. We the people will not let the Government move against fellow citizen that would bring on one hell of a civil war and the folks in power know that (good reason the radicals want gun control to take this away from us).

For my few nut case friends who do want that civil war over this please remember you are in the minority on that one. I doubt most of the Hillary supporters (or any other sane person) are ready to follow you into that one. Also please remember that most of us Evil Conservatives are the ones with the guns, and the training to stand up to you. Lets stop talking bullshit as we know this option would not end well for anyone, but I do firmly believe you would get the worst of it. You also need to understand that most of us are center right not far right and we support many of the same things you do – gay rights, equal rights, right to choose, etc and we will stand with you and fight for these things. DC knows that. We just want smaller government and for it to leave us in peace. As long as you are not hurting anyone and you are an adult you should pretty much be able to do what you want, love who you want and smoke what you want. . . .. Just be responsible about how you do it.

So as much as you hate it you need to trust those old white guys who set up our country. They were a lot smarter than you think. And they were a lot smarter than that radical Professor you had in college that played armchair quarterback on everything he would have done better than them. The world had not ended, and Trump will not get anything very radial through to law. Yes the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) will probably go back to center right and that is where it should be. Their job is to do a strict interpretation of the laws against the powers granted by the Constitution and see if it passes. They should be asking “what would our founders have said” and there is plenty out there for them to research on that. They are not there to make law or rewrite them – Is it Constitutional Yes or No.

So please, hug your kids, be happy or sad at the election results and go back to living. Protest if you want it is your right but do it peacefully and treat other with respect if you want to get respect yourself. If we all would actually treat each other as we want to be treated we would have made a big leap forward. Do what you can personally to make this country better but please stop the riots and attacks on other citizens. You are not helping anyone including your own cause by burning down a store and putting folks out of work who have done nothing to hurt you - and no that is not free speech.

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