Sunday, December 1, 2013

Democrats and Socialists

While watching a story on the history of our Submarine Service it hit me this morning.

How can anyone sane support Socialism?  You look at the history of the USA vs USSR and I just don't get it.  Even the poor here are better off than most in Russia, yet Obama and co. still want to be socialist.

Now I see why Obama wants to be a Socialist, he wants to be on top and one of the few that is well off while the rest of us slave for him.

But how can his supporters support him?  Even the most basic look at the two countries shows how successful the USA is at raising the standard of living for all, and how much of a failure the USSR/Russia is.

I just can't get my head around it.  The only excuse I can see is ignorance or stupidity to explain support of Obama and his goals.

Socialism never worked, and never will.  If you want to see why look at an East German car vs a West German car and you will see it all.

This was the East German or Socialist idea of a car. . .

And this is the West German or Capitalist idea of a car

Which one do you thing works better?

Which system do you think really allowed it's people to move forward, advance technology and have a better life?

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