Saturday, December 14, 2013

Affluenza is BS

THIS story makes me SICK

A little rich kid PUNK kills four people while drunk driving.

Normal sentence for this? 5-20 years

He gets 10 years PROBATION with NO JAIL.

why you ask?

His lawyers say he is too rich, and his parents let him have everything so he does not know right from wrong so he should not be held responsible for his actions. . . . .

This is what is wrong with the country.

It was just on the news and the juvi hall he will do his probation in looks like an expensive spa but the lawyers tell you he is being punished because he won't have his X.

This is SICK!

All the families who lost loved ones have left is to sue in civil court.  I hope they wreck these folks bank accounts.  That this "kid" is not rotting in jail is sickening.  And we wonder why kids these days have no respect for life, or each other, or right from wrong. . . .I guess we got the answer.

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