Sunday, December 15, 2013

Children in Harms Way

Saw this on a post about the latest school shooting:

According to a recent article in The Daily Beast, there have been 25 school shootings in 2013 with a total of 18 lives lost. Not mentioned in that story is the fact that 1,600 children on average die of child abuse and neglect each year in the U.S. -- more than 4 per day -- and 60% at the hands of a parent or family member. That's a Newtown tragedy every five days without end.
The fact is -- school shootings are responsible for less than 1% of child homicides each year but seem to garner 99% of the media's and public's attention. So while we acknowledge the tragedy of this particular shooting, perhaps we could also use it as an opportunity to focus some attention on the much bigger and more prevalent problem of child abuse, which kills exponentially more children per year.

This was posted in the comments.  Makes you think don't it.

The gun grabbers are all about the kids when they get shot in one of the gun free zones that the gun grabbers created.  If they really care about the kids why don't they get upset or grab the front page of the papers and top of the news casts with info on child abuse or neglect?

This shows the facts.  The sad truth is they don't care about the kids.  They love these shootings because they can use them to go after our civil rights and our guns.  They don't care about the kids they care about grabbing power in our country and an armed populous prevents that.

By the way a quick Google search shows that according to the .gov the numbers this person quoted.  There were 1570 killed last year alone.  Data is HERE.

Why are we wasting our time on guns when so many kids are killed by neglect and abuse?  Someone please tell me?  Isn't it time we stop playing politics with our kids lives? 

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