Thursday, December 5, 2013

Unskilled Labor

So the fast food folks who are unskilled labor want to have their wage doubled from $7.25 to $15 an hour. . .

Do they really think in this economy that the companies can afford this or that others will pay it?

Please tell me how many jobs would be lost if this pay rate goes through . . . . how many folks would just stop going to a fast food joint.

It is basic folks.  I don't go to McDonalds  because it is great food.  I go because it is cheap and tastes OK for the price.  And I can afford to feed the family there.

Now double all the prices and you are now on par with a sit down restaurant.  If I am going to pay sit down restaurant prices why settle for fast food?

The simple answer is I won't.  All the money I spend at the fast food joints will be gone as I go someplace else to eat. . . . so they won't need as many workers and they will lay off folks and close stores.

It is that simple.  You don't have to like that the job is only worth minimum wage, but facts are facts and doubling the cost will cost jobs.

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