Saturday, December 7, 2013

GOAL Concealed Carry Class

I would love to thank GOAL for putting on a great class on "The Art of Concealed Carry" at my gun club last night.  The instructors were Jon Green, GOAL’s Director of Education and Training and Attorney Lisa Steele Esq.

The class was a bit over four hours long and covered many of the legal and practical issues involved in carrying a gun in Massachusetts.  We have many confusing and sometimes contradictory laws in this state that you need to know to carry without breaking the rules.

The class started with Lisa giving us a great presentation on the various laws in MA and how they come into play.  Where can you carry?  How do you lock it up in the car if you have to?  What happens if you have to defend yourself?  These are just a few of the things she got into.  

Now I have been a pro gun advocate for years now (just ask my Reps at the State House I am sure they are sick of all my emails = )    ) but I still learned a lot from this class.  It was good to get you thinking about what you would do, and what the law says you can do. . . .

It was also great to get some insight from someone who deals with this for a living in the courts here and to get a feeling for how you will be treated if you have to defend yourself.  The best part of this is you get a great view of how the law will be looking at what happened if you ever do have to defend yourself or your family.

She was full of great advice and stories to help educates us in this critical information.  I know I learned a lot and would recommend this course in a second to anyone that is going to carry in MA.

After the presentation from Lisa we had Jon give us a great class in how to carry concealed.  It was funny to watch as he managed to pull out nine guns from various places on him that you really could not tell he had if you were looking at him.

From there Jon went over the different ways to carry and the good and bad points of the most popular based on his experience.  He also had a lot of good info on what NOT to do if you carry so you don't give away the fact you are armed.  You don't want the bad guy to know and you don't want to have the cops asking you questions do you?

We ended the night with a few roll playing scenarios to look at how you react to an issue, and then discussed what we felt was good or bad about how the actors reacted in each situation.  I won't give away the scenarios but they were very much what you could face any day and there is no right or wrong answers for them.

This was a great night and again I highly recommend taking this class if you are an instructor or someone who carries in MA.  It brings up many issues that you may not have thought of that you really need to know and gives you a lot to think about so you can be prepared to carry and do it legally in MA.  Go take this course if you get the chance.

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